Regency Chauffeur is London’s renowned premier chauffeur driven limousine services based in the heart of the capital licensed by the Transport for London (TfL).

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When it comes to execution, Regency has the knowledge in house to deliver a supreme service that goes above and beyond client expectations. We understand that our chauffeurs will be our brand ambassadors, therefore they are trained in house with exceptional training in order to put them in line with client satisfaction in order to make the service highly desirable and courteous. Furthermore, our chauffeurs undergo a fully enhanced CRB check; thus assuring our clientele we have undergone strict background checks. Regency understands the full magnitude of what this means and how to conduct ourselves accordingly, therefore we pay attention to the presentation of the car and to the presentation of the chauffeur in order to ensure the most desirable service.

  • You can expect the following from Regency Premium Chauffeured Services
  • London tours. Inter-UK transfers. London to any destination in Europe
  • Flight Monitoring
  • Chauffeur-driven services worldwide
  • Exotic/Supercar hire (self-drive)
  • Chauffeur only hire (long or short term)
  • Close-protection security. Armoured vehicle hire
  • 16 seater executive luxury coach hire. Luggage vans
  • WiFi connectivity on all vehicles

You can expect the following from Regency Premium Chauffeured Services

Service Personnel:

  • The chauffeur naturally will be courteous and introduce themselves and politely offer to carry the luggage or push the trolley with the words: ‘may I Sir/Madam’?
  • The chauffeur will not walk too far ahead and whilst the lift doors open, put their arm against the lift-doors and allow you to enter first.
  • The chauffeur will make every attempt to park as close to the entrance into the car park as possible. They will none-the-less offer to bring the car over to you.
  • The chauffeur will not make you wait at the car park payment booth, instead will use the credit card facility and pay at the barriers without leaving the car, saving you time.
  • Upon approach to the car, the chauffeur will assist you into the vehicle first by opening the doors before loading the luggage into the boot. They will be vigilant of your security and personal safety at all times as well as your luggage by ensuring all safety measures are adhered to including locking all doors and boots whilst you are in the vehicle.
  • The chauffeur will offer the amenities available e.g. water, snacks, antiseptic hand cleaning gels and hand cream. Mobile phone chargers will be available along with Wi-Fi in-car capability to utilise the journey time constructively if required.
  • The chauffeur will adjust the temperature to suit your needs. You will receive an estimated time of arrival to your destination and thereby ending all conversation unless prompted.
  • The Regency office team will notify the concierge a few minutes prior to your arrival

at the hotel. Should the doormen/porters be engaged in getting the luggage(s), our chauffeurs will be happy to open the doors for you when entering the hotel and take your luggage(s) to the lobby.

The ultimate goal of Regency is to deliver the highest standard of personal service which will make your journey a special yet enjoyable experience. Whilst in the hands of your Regency Chauffeur, we want to ensure you are provided with a courteous, competent and discreet chauffeur to execute your transportation in a smooth but more importantly, a safe journey- That is Regency!